Our Testimonials

We take great pride in the quality of our work and the effectiveness of our systems.  Our clients enjoy the highest quality service and best value of any insect control misting system on the market.

Our business is 95% referrals.  Only satisfied customers give referrals. We want to thoroughly satisfy you and earn your confidence and your referrals.

House63 Before we had the system installed, we couldn't even step outside without getting eaten up by mosquitoes.  We haven't had a single bite since the system went in."

Bill - Tampa, Fl


"The misting system worked so well at my house, I had to get one for the lake house, too."Pool-d-400

Steve - Dallas, TX


Pool2-400“We like to entertain a lot, but could not use our back yard due to insects. Our Mosquito Misting System system was installed while we were out of town and when we returned, there was no indication that anyone had been in our yard – except that it was bug free!!”


Karl - Tampa, Fl


“Between our pool and the creek behind it, our back yard was not usable due to the mosquitoes. Our Mosquito Misting System system gave us our yard back with a truly professional, high-quality installation.”


Ed - Tampa, Fl


046a"I knew the Mosquito Misting System got rid of the bugs because my friend purchased one, but the quality of the installation really surprised me. Our installer was very careful while working on our home and did an excellent job making the system almost invisible."

Jim - Richardson, TX


"We were always worried about the kids in our own yard. Not any more. Since BugFreeBackyards installed our misting system, the kids only get bites when they play at friends' houses."Playset-B

Anna - Southlake, TX


"027bI want everyone in the neighborhood to install a system so I won't get eaten while walking my dog."

Scott - Highland Park, TX


“Gardening is our hobby and our back yard is our ‘Garden of Eden’. Summer months were unbearable due to

Landscape-Pool2 (1)mosquitoes until our Mosquito Misting System gave us our yard back.”

Ed Tampa, Fl


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