As the owner of a fully-automated Mosquito Misting System, you will enjoy some outstanding benefits:


A BugFree Backyard! Outdoor dining without the unwanted guests and without burning citronella candles. Enjoy your pool and yard without being bitten by mosquitoes. Reduced risk of disease carried by infected mosquitoes. No more knocking down spider-webs. No more smelling like insect repellant.


We use natural, biodegradable, water-based Pyrethrum solutions. Our expert technicians will use the solution that is best suited to your needs, ensuring the highest level of protection from insects without placing your landscaping at risk.
Your system includes a complimentary 2-Year Warranty on all parts and workmanship at no extra charge. Your system includes a 90-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Because we use Pyrethrum solutions that are free of petroleum products, the mist emitted by the system is completely residue free. Your windows will not need additional cleaning, your deck will not become sticky or discolored, and your plants will not be put at risk.


All of our systems include a radio frequency hand-held remote control at no extra charge. This allows you to remotely operate the system outside of the scheduled misting cycles. This would be appropriate just prior to an afternoon cookout.