About Us

A Premier Mosquito Control Service Company

Important Highlights About BugFreeBackyards…

- We are Family Owned and Operated.
- We have literally built our business from the ground up, beginning with our First Installation in 2005.
- We are now embarking on our 15th Year In Business.
- We have experience with many quality home builders, landscape architects, and pool builders...
- We have installed in 8 Model Homes since inception…
- We primarily expand by Referral, which reflects our ability to orchestrate results and routinely impress you.

Great Reasons Why Customers Choose BugFreeBackyards...

- Premier Quality Systems and Hardware...Industry-Best motors, pumps, and nozzles.
- 90-Day Full Refund Satisfaction Guarantee.
- Automatic 2-Year Parts/Labor Warranty...Extended Service Plans are also available.
- A Free Remote Control comes with each system.
- Luxury at an affordable price as the average installation cost for most back yards is $3,000-$4,000.
- Annual operating costs for that same range are usually $1,000-$2,000.
- Annual estimated refill costs are provided with each quote so you will have a predictable refill schedule.
- You can eliminate some or all of your ongoing solution costs through our Referral Rewards Program as we provide a Free Refill for Each Referral.
- We can isolate sections and protect just the back, the front and back, or your entire property.
- We will incorporate a misting schedule that accommodates your lifestyle and yard / pool use preferences.
- If you decide to relocate, your system can be marketed upon resale as a distinct upgrade, along with the other quality features of your home.