About Us

A Frisco Mosquito Control Sevice Company


Bug Free Back Yard has been one of the nation's leading providers for mosquito control, Mosquito Misting Systems, and outdoor insects & pests control. We are dedicated to providing our clients with industry best solutions to the problem of outdoor flying, biting, stinging insects. Despite remaining in Frisco Tx for the last 15 years. Yes, you read that right, over one and a half decades of mosquito killing machine installs in the metroplex.

Each install becomes a partner in this endeavor. We strive toward the complete eradication of all flying insects on your property. We do not let technology become our enemy in our fight to rid your yard of biting insects either. We are at the forefront of equipment, service, and dependability. All of our personnel are trained on local, state, and federal regulations related to our business.

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