Our Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito Misting Systems

We at BugFree BackYards specialize in the custom design and installation of fully-automated Mosquito Misting System for outdoor insect control for your home or property. Our systems are so effective that we offer a complete money back guarantee!


Your Mosquito Control System will be Uniquely designed to fit the unique needs of your home and outdoor lifestyle. Since no two house are the same. Our aim to be completely effective at eliminating outdoor flying, biting, stinging insects while preserving the value and beauty of your home. In fact, your system will add value to your home.
Automated Mosquito Misting Systems are becoming the standard in new construction.


In the past, protecting your family from insects and the diseases they can transmit required you to take numerous actions. You would limit outdoor activities to certain times of day and have to leave your own backyard when the bugs came out. Or, you would douse your family with chemicals such as DEET, burn torches, light citronella candles, and try all manners of other so-called solutions like mosquito magnets, bug zappers, and ultra-sonic gimmicks, only to find that you were still being bothered and bitten by annoying insects.




The fully-automated insect control system requires you to do nothing except sit back and enjoy life without the threat of insects. Our misting systems are guaranteed to eliminate mosquitoes and other insects from your back and front yards. Experienced professionals will custom design the system to meet your needs and work with your lifestyle. The systems are professionally installed, with experienced servicemen with an attempt to conceal your system and leave it virtually invisible, while it protects the areas where you spend you time. The systems are commonly installed around residential properties to provide protection around pools, patios, decks, gardens, and entire yards. Commercial applications include kennels, outdoor dining areas of restaurants, equestrian housing facilities, and open-air entertainment venues.