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"We were always worried about the kids in our own yard. Not any more. Since BugFreeBackyards installed our misting system, the kids only get bites when they play at friends' houses."

 Anna - Southlake, TX



"A Better Business Providing A Better Solution"

We are exclusively dedicated to the design, service, and installation of the best misting systems available for outdoor pest control. Our systems ensure that you can enjoy your life without the worry and bother of flying, biting, stinging insects like mosquitoes, wasps, spiders and other insects. 

No more lotions, sprays, candles, or hassle - and No More Mosquitoes!


We are so confident in our outdoor insect control systems and our methods, we provide a money-back guarantee and a 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship!

Our Mosquito Misting Systems Offer Numerous Advantages:

Our mosquito and insect control systems are fully-automated.  The timer controls the misting cycles to ensure that your yard becomes bug-free and stays bug-free.

"Before we had the system installed, we couldn't even step outside without getting eaten up by mosquitoes. 
We haven't had a single bite since the system went in." Bill - Plano, TX


Our powerful Pumps and Motors can support up to 3 times as many nozzles as weaker systems. This means you can add coverage to additional areas of your yard without the need to purchase a second system.


We exclusively use natural Pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is effective at controlling more than 100 insects and won't contaminate water supplies and insects don't become resistant.

Between our pool and the creek behind it, our backyard was not usable due to the mosquitoes. Our MISTER MOSQUITO system gave us our yard back with a truly professional, high-quality installation.Ed - Atlanta, GA



We provide a hand-held remote control with each system allowing you to perform an on-demand misting cycle whenever the need arises.



Our service plans ensure hassle-free ownership. We can take care of everything for you including refills, timer adjustments, and maintenance needs. We also provide service for misting systems purchased from other companies. If you're not getting the quality of service or the satisfaction you deserve, give us a call.




Our experience allows us to provide a balanced system design that will ensure the systems effectiveness along with efficient use of Pyrethrum for the lowest total cost of ownership.

"I want everyone in the neighborhood to install a system so I won't
get eaten while walking my dog."Scott
- Highland Park, TX


Our business is 95% referrals
We will do everything possible to earn your confidence and your referrals. We want you to be so happy with your system that you tell all your friends about us.



We use only the highest quality materials for your system. Our components are machined in brass for long-life and coated with a nickel/silver plating for appearance and corrosion resistance.

We perform the highest quality installations. Your home is valuable. Our goal is to enhance its value and our workmanship delivers on that commitment.

Give us a call for a free estimate. Remember, our systems don't just eliminate mosquitoes - they also control spiders, wasps, flies, and dozens of other insects and we use only natural, biodegradable Pyrethrum. Take back your yard.

It's Not Just For Mosquitoes!